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Generative AI Hub

What is Generative AI Hub?

Generative AI Hub is a special exhibit area dedicated to generative AI technologies inside AI EXPO Tokyo. Our business is rapidly evolving with the emergence of generative AI technologies. For those companies who have generative AI technologies such as generating text, images, or other data using generative models, Generative AI Hub is the best business opportunity to show their latest technologies to professionals from various industries in Japan.


All the companies that have generative AI technologies.



Professionals from various industries from:

● Manufacturing ● Legal/Administration ● Medical/Welfare ● Finance/Insurance ● Content Production/Media/Entertainment ● Retail/EC ● Energy/Infrastructure ● Logistics etc.

3 Reasons Why you should exhibit at AI EXPO TOKYO

New Business Opportunites

AI EXPO TOKYO is Japan's Largest BtoB show specialised in AI Technology. By holding under NexTech Week, visitors interested in Advanced Technologies will gather.

Meet Various Partners

By Generative AI Zone inside AI EXPO TOKYO, experts engaged in text, image, and video production will gather under one roof.

Introduce Directly to Engineers

We don't only gather users but engineers from various industries as well. It will allow you to introduce your products directly to them.

Features of “Generative AI Hub”


Held inside AI EXPO Tokyo, Japan’s LARGEST* BtoB trade show specialized in AI technologies

*Comparison of the number of exhibitors with similar exhibitions.

Exhibiting Products (excerpt)

Generative AI
LLM (Large Language Model) Solutions
Other Solutions related to Generative AI

You can show your latest generative AI technologies to professionals from various industries.






General Contractor



Content Production/Media/


Conference specialised in generative AI will be held everyday.

Speakers from previous editions

Japan Deep Learning Association, DeepL SE, Google Cloud Japan, and more 


Held inside NexTech Week Tokyo.

NexTech Week is an exhibition featuring products and solutions related to AI, blockchain, and quantum computing. Visitors from diverse sectors will converge to explore cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions poised to revolutionize the world.

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