NexTech Week Tokyo is  a comprehensive trade show gathering advanced technologies that will change the world.

This show consists of 4 shows dealing in artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and DX human resource development. And it attracts many professionals in various industries such as manufacturing, social infrastructure, retailing, logistics, medical, finance, government offices, etc., who want to make their business smarter with these advanced technologies.

- Show Schedule for the Next 3 Years -

Spring Show

2024 | May. 22th (Wed) - 24th (Fri) @ Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
2025 | May. 7th (Wed) - 9th (Fri) @ Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
2026 | May. 13th (Wed) - 15th (Fri) @ Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Autumn Show

2023 | Oct. 25th (Wed) - 27th (Fri) @ Makuhari Messe, Japan
2024 | Oct. 30th (Wed) - Nov. 1st (Fri) @ Makuhari Messe, Japan
2025 | Oct. 29th (Wed) - 31th (Fri) @ Makuhari Messe, Japan


Organised by RX Japan

Japan's Largest Trade Show Organiser

RX Japan organises 96 exhibitions* a year at large exhibition halls such as Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe and Intex Osaka across a wide variety of 38 fields including jewellery, fashion, gift items, electronics, energy, IT, cosmetics and medical.

Please visit the RX Japan website for details of 96 exhibitions* in 38 fields annually organised by RX Japan.

*Composed of 353 Sub-exhibitions